Monday, August 10, 2015

Male call

 David Kiehl, the Whitney’s curator for prints, has described them as 'art world royalty' and added their 88 posters to the museum's collection. The Guerrilla Girls have just celebrated their 30 year anniversary, 30 years of getting up the art world’s nose (the male section of it anyway) using statistics and humour to highlight the massive disparity between representation of female and male artists in institutions and dealer galleries. At its height the Guerrilla Girls had around 30 members but numbers have slowly dwindled as members got older and people's priorities shifted. One told the NY Times,  'Some of us wanted a piece of the pie, and some of us wanted to blow the whole pie up.'

To honour the Guerrilla Girls' work a new group called Pussy Galore has checked out the male/female ratios for the current dealer gallery rosters in NY. You can see it here. Pussy Galore uses the GG’s 1986 list as its baseline. We've done a similar count in the past for NZ (2012 and 2015) and now six months later in the spirit of the GGs, let's see how it looks (a bit better you have to say).

You can enlarge the chart by clicking on the image. See individual gallery percentages here.